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The majority of entrance doors for apartment and office buildings need to be secured at all times, but also remotely opened by tenants to allow visitors access.

We are experts at utilising a wide range of entry panels and advancements in technology to provide the right remote-entry solution. Examples include:

  • Entry requests linked to your PC, enabling you to give visitors access without moving from your desk.
  • Entry requests sent to your mobile, so you can let visitors in whilst on the move.
  • Entry panel cameras
    incorporated into CCTV systems.

Registered with SIRA . Certified CCTV & Security systems Installer

Entry Phone and Video Entry Systems

Door entry systems are an increasingly popular security feature and are commonly used in blocks of flats and other private residencies. They are also found in other areas where access needs to be restricted but a full access control system is not appropriate, for example hospital wards.

We have been installing, maintaining and repairing quality door entry systems for 30 years, in all kinds of premises and in every type of configuration. We are long established approved installers of various intercoms, leading manufacturers of security door entry systems.

We’ll work with you to fully understand your needs and design, install and maintain the ideal door entry system for your premises. We take access for all seriously, and our entrance panels are fully DDA (Disibility Discrimination Act) compliant.

Door Entry Systems Manufacturers

Nirsun Technology LLC partners with several leading manufacturers to provide the door entry system most appropriate to your requirements.

The door entry systems allow us to select and install a wide range of internal and external panels, units and handsets to deliver a high quality intercom using audio and video to meet your needs.

Other door entry systems follow a similar path of providing high quality phone handsets, panels and video screens to allow us to integrate a quality intercom with a secure door entry system.

Get Exceptional service / installation for your Intercom Systems in Dubai, UAE.

We are certified by SIRA (Security Industry Authority), Dubai as Installer, Supplier of Access Controller Systems