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If you are looking for a way to control the flow of pedestrians into your building or only allow access to those with permissions then speed gates may be the entrance control system you are looking for. By using separate lanes for entry and exit you can efficiently control busy traffic pedestrian entrances without restricting the freedom of movement. You will also increase security by only allowing those you allow to gain entry.

Speed Gates

provides a stylish and graceful anti-tailgating solution. Whilst security needs to remain strong, our Speed Gates designs can be customized to ensure that you don’t need to compromise on a vision. By not limiting your imagination we will work as your design partner to find the right solution for you, enabling your Speed Gates to seamlessly integrate in to your building design.


Our product range of speed gates and turnstiles includes waist high glass barriers, three or four arm rotary waist-high and self-closing security gates. All of these solutions can be controlled by proximity or swipe card access control, bio metrics, coin, token and ticket.


Security speed gates offer a reliable solution to control visitors and ensure only authorized users are allowed access to particular areas of a building.