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The system manages different scenarios in each guest room, including welcome, living and sleeping settings.
Lighting, temperature and curtains can be controlled to suit the activity of the occupant. Settings can either be adjusted in the room by the guest or centrally via the hotel management system.


Nirsun GRMS solution for increased energy efficiency in new build or operating hotels (full retro-fit solution).It will maintain guest room comfort at the highest energy efficiency and provide analytics related to room energy performance.

Designed for retro-fit or for new build projects, It gives the hotel operator the ability to control energy requirements to meet: guest comfort prerequisites, seasonality, occupancy fluctuations, and operational requirements that affect energy efficiency.


With a Room Management System. Many types of technology can now be integrated, remotely monitored, remotely controlled and usage tracked, in order to allow Facilities staff to spot problems before end users do, fix them quickly, and to know when preventative maintenance is needed. All of this minimizes downtime and noticeably increases the efficiency and productivity of your organisation


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