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VIRDI is the world leader in Biometric Time Attendance & Access controls, manufactured in Korea and Nirsun Technology LLC as an exclusive distributor located at the business hub of Middle East, Dubai. With an stable & efficient biometric product series from Virdi, and our technical expertise, Virdi & Nirsun Technology LLC have attained the top position in United Arab Emirates and adjacent markets, and are catering the needs of market since decades. As biometrics ( Life + Measurement ) are an automated methods of recognizing a person on basis of various physiological or behavioral characteristics, Virdi have continuously upgraded the products with the technical inputs from Nirsun Technology LLC.

Nirsun Technology LLC offers Time & Attendance Solutions from Virdi,have an ability to manage access records obtained from authentication server, hence eliminates the additional installation of time & attendance units as the fingerprint recognition device can be used as the basis of an integrated system. The system have the capability to detect the fake fingerprint detection, thereby making system fool proof.


Nirsun Technology LLC Supplies and installs the Virdi access controls since decades. The access control solution provides advanced control system for high security and convenience. With the ability that Users can manage their human resource effectively by monitoring access history and current conditions of visitors, Unexpected accidents can be prevented by remote control
in emergency.Confidential documents and assets can be protected by accurate access control solution.

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